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Why switch to a Solar Water Heater?

Because conventional water heaters uses a lot of power even while you are not using it!

According to the North Texas Electric Provider, water heaters draw the largest amount of electricity in homes after Air Conditioning and Heating. Our Solar Water Heaters uses absolutely free energy and have life span of 15+ years. They pay your investment back in approximately 2 to 3 years. Visit our product page.

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Go Green, Go Solar!

51% of electricity in Texas is generated by burning oil products, and 36% by burning coal. This means even electric water heaters make contribution of harmful emission gasses to our air and polluting our environment. Solar Water Heaters are environment friendly products that completely operates on sunlight.

It's affordable!

All the solar products we offer are high-quality, long lasting, affordable and efficient. It will be worth to your investment and our products will pay your investment back.Our products are also certified and eligible for Federal and local tax rebates as well as incentives. Because offered rebates and incentives are time sensitive, we will be happy to discuss with you what opportunities apply.

Federal Tax Credit: 30% of equipment and installation cost!

Our products are qualified for 30% government tax rebate for the cost of equipment and installation. Depending on your service provider and your area, additional incentives and rebates may apply. Our qualified customer service will discuss with you about your elibilities.

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